My 13th Bithday

Hey guys (well I don’t know if anyone is reading but…)

Today’s post is my first post and I didn’t want it to be a cliché post about how I’m going to run my blog so I decided I might as well do it on something that’s happened just yesterday (May 4th) which is my 13th birthday!

It was really fun even though I had to go to school although I enjoy having my birthday on school days because then I’m surrounded by the friends as well as my family which is a great feeling but anyway, I got woken up by being squirted with water… Thanks mum! And then I did my normal school routine and went to school.

I didn’t expect to get as many birthday wishes as I did (65) but I did and I was very grateful about it all and I’m so grateful to the friends that got me birthday presents. I got presents from my family as well but my family life is going to be more private but I will show you some of the presents from my school friends

This is from my best friend Trinity who is one of my favourite people ever and to be completely honest we treat each other like family which is why she got my this and she’s got the other half which says Lil sis because I am older than her.

This is from my good friend Morgan who is such a lovely person! She chose an amazing present because I love scented things and body care.

My friend Jodie got me these and there was meant to be five but they didn’t all arrive which is okay because these to smell amazing and great choice because I love scented things!

These are a few of the presents that I received from my friends but I don’t want to bore you with them all. I fell so much older which is odd because I haven’t physically changed but mentally I feel so mature.

Thank you so much for reading!

Social Princess xoxo
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What’s up guys? Today’s post is going to be about friends in general and how make them. Shout out to my best friend Trinity who asked me to write this because she wants to be famous pahahaha. I’m going to tell you how i made friends when i started secondary school.

 1.  Watch. I know this sounds weird; like you’re stalking them. But hear me out, you don’t want to go into being friends with someone when don’t know what they’re like eg.  how they act towards the current friends so it makes sense to just watch the way they are. 

2.After finding out their character try and speak to them, little things like in class “can I borrow a pencil” or “your hair looks nice” just to see how they react and hem you can make a judgement on their personality.

3. Start speaking to them online, follow them on insta or snap them on snap chat. Just try and be yourself though, nothing fake.

Thanks for reading and i hope these tips help you! Sorry for the short post😯

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Stereotypes of teenagers 

Hey guys how are you all? Today’s post is about what people think of teenagers and more specifically young teens (13-15). 

We’ve all heard it, as soon as the clock strikes 12 on your 13th birthday you become moody, aggressive and vain but to be completely honest when I turned 13 I started to feel the opposite and okay I turned 13 about 3-6 days ago (depending ding on when I post this) but it’s so much more than being older, I felt a sense of responsibility but it wasn’t like a scary responsibility like looking after a person’s child; it was kind of like a responsibility to stop the stigma surrounding teens.

It felt great to add the word teen at the end of my age but it was even better feeling mature and grown up like I had a say in what goes on but I feel as though picking my GCSE’s have also helped with that because I’m picking what I want to do and why I want to do it and to have my opinion matter finally in something that affects ME. And not saying that I’ve never had a say in things because I have but it was temporary things like my yearly winter coat or what I wanted for dinner which I think we can all say is way less important than picking 3 subjects that could make or break the rest of your life. Can I get a hell yeah?

I don’t really know if I got my point across but this is it, teens aren’t moody or vain but hardworking and mature. I think that the world we live in depends on teens to buildup the next generation so much that they forget what their generation is there for which is to start some sort of legacy the we can finish for future generations. 

Thanks so much for reading !

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